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Shipping Goods Near And Far


Adolas is pleased to offer all types of Brazilian crystal cane sugar (IC 45, IC 150, IC 800/1200) in both containerized and vessel quantities. Our trademarked labeled bags are 50KG, internationally accepted and dual polypropylene lined. Our teams are highly trained to maximize shipment efficiency and we are capable of shipping from any of the four ports.

Cooking Oil

Adolas is also pleased to offer a large variety of edible cooking oils from around the world at competitive pricing and delivery times. Our team of suppliers have relationships around the world to offer oil from virtually any country our customers request. We can offer many different types of oils  in many different container sizes.

Rice and Wheat

Adolas is pleased to be able to offer a large variety of high quality rice and wheat with very competitive pricing and delivery times throughout the world.

Wheat, pasta, and cooking flour are our next target commodities to ship on regularly scheduled shipments. We are able to accept custom orders at any time through our direct suppliers around the World.

Adolas is able to take most export/import requests and fulfill the order. Our team has established the direct supplier relationships for most any food commodity and we are confident we can meet the demands of our clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any request.

Adolas’ qualified and experienced team is currently importing Brazilian Sugar, Malaysian Cooking Oil, and a variety of Rice during the inception of its operation but is ready, willing, and able to ship the following products, and many more, at a moments notice from various suppliers around the world.



Packaged Milk



Cooking Flour

Vegetable Ghee

Donut Fat

Steel Products

Frying Shortening


Palm Fatty Acid

Other Products

Other Services

Adolas is proud of its ability to network across the globe with a multiple of suppliers, companies, and individuals who not only sell products, but are able to buy products for re-sale through out their particular market areas. We encourage you to contact us at Adolas at anytime if you would like assistance with selling a particular product from your area for redistribution. We would be more than happy to access our network to help you move and trade your products.

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